Workplace Investigations

Employee misconduct can create an unhealthy work environment, negatively impact productivity, job performance, employee morale and create liability for an employer who does not promptly and effectively act to correct issues. Workplace harassment, threatening behavior, misuse of sick/injury leave, sexual harassment and other forms of workplace misconduct can create an oppressive or hostile work environment that adversely impacts the workplace and the reputation of the agency.

Workplace InvestigationsWorking within established company policies, labor agreements and the law, we can devise a strategy together to plan effective and efficient investigations of internal employee issues. Ferraris Investigations & Consulting LLC uses a professional associate to convert recorded interviews into court quality transcripts upon request.

  • Employee complaints of harassment – Includes: employees harassing other employees, supervisors harassing employees, or any type of sexual, gender, religious, or racial harassment
  • Employee complaints of discrimination and disparate treatment
  • Employee reports of retaliation in the workplace
  • Employee complaints of hostile work environment
  • Safety Issues and Accidents
  • Whistle-blowing complaints
  • Officer-Involved Shooting/Use of Force Investigations
  • “Internal Affairs” Investigations
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